About Me

Kushal Jayswal - as a professional and a person...

Hey, I'm Kushal!
I'm a frontend software engineer in India. This is my virtual space for the things I experienced so far. This includes both sides of me, me as a working professional and me as a father, a husband, and a son.

Work - How I started

When I was in school, I started working on graphic design. I used to do small stuff like designing business cards, letterheads, making logos, etc. I enjoyed it but I found that no one is ready to pay well for it, particularly the local market where I live. I was looking for alternate and one day my computer teacher suggested checking on web designing. That shifted my focus completely from graphics to the web. It was 2003 when I designed the first HTML website for one of my social friends from Orkut. That was 3 pages HTML, CSS informative website.

(Still being drafted...)